Coleford Residents Volunteer to help those self isolating due to Coronavirus

Dear fellow resident of Coleford Parish,


‘COLEFORD GOOD NEIGHBOURS’ have volunteered free

neighbourly support to those who may need help due to Coronavirus concerns


On behalf of Coleford Parish Council, this is to let you know that informal, voluntary arrangements are being put in place locally by your neighbours, in an effort to assist those affected by the Coronavirus.


As of this weekend (Friday 20th March) Those considered most vulnerable i.e. the over 70’s, those with underlying health conditions and weakened immune systems, have been advised by the Government to self-isolate for 12 weeks.  Others who get a fever and/or cough must stay at home and self-isolate for 14 days.  This includes anyone else in the household to recover; others must self-isolate after being in contact with people who get a fever and/or cough or those that have returned from travel.  Current Government data shows that so far only three confirmed case of Coronavirus has been diagnosed in the Somerset health authority area however we are told that the majority of those who contract the virus may suffer a mild form and recover at home without testing.  So, the risks are real but equally staying at home is not without its own challenges too. 


Many of you and your partners are fortunate to have longstanding, reliable networks of family and friends and we have absolutely no intention of interfering with your existing personal arrangements.  However, others will not be as fortunate, so we think they might welcome the friendship of others very willing to ‘run errands’ and to be an additional source of support and advice.


Many volunteers in Coleford are very keen to help their neighbours and many already do so.  But to put others in touch whilst protecting privacy and safeguarding both the volunteers and those seeking their help, we will initially coordinate requests and responses, keeping records and personal data securely, in line with Data Protection legislation.  In addition, some Guidelines (overleaf) are being provided for use at your own discretion and these are recommended to help safeguard both parties too.


If you or someone you know would like any help or advice, please phone either number below in the first instance.  We are mostly available but leave your name and phone number if you get an answer machine and your call will be returned.  After discussing your needs, we will seek to match you with a local volunteer (or perhaps even refer you to a specialist agency if your needs are more complex). 


Please phone: -           Vickie Watts, Parish Clerk – 07971 516916

Andy Conn, Parish Councillor – 01373 812481 / 07973 250856

Nick Harding, Parish Councillor – 07921 885362 / 01373 812652


If you are uncertain whether or not to call us; if you don’t know who to turn to; if you need a bottle of milk, a full week’s shopping or just a chat; please don’t hesitate to phone.  Your call will be in strict confidence.


Yours faithfully


Vickie Watts

Coleford Parish Clerk

The following link provides a list of contacts and local suppliers that may be useful during the coronavirus lockdown.


If you want to volunteer as part of the Coronavirus support network or are a resident that needs support then please click on the following links

If you would like to sign up as a Volunteer then please send:


  • Your name

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • And which part of the village you live in


to Vickie Watts the Parish Clerk on  so that you can be added to the list of volunteers.

If you are a Resident that is self isolating please phone: -          

  • Vickie Watts, Parish Clerk – 07971 516916

  • Andy Conn, Parish Councillor – 01373 812481 / 07973 250856

  • Nick Harding, Parish Councillor – 07921 885362 / 01373 812652


Who will be able to help.  For further guidance please click on the link below.

Post Office Opening Times

@ The Coleford Hub, Church Street

10–12noon both Mondays and Wednesday

Updated Bus Timetable

Valid from 28 April 2019. 🚌

Please see attached the updated timetable for bus 184, which runs through Holcombe, Coleford, Mells and Great Elm. The changes are to the connecting buses to & from Bath from 28 April. 🚌

Dog Fouling Incident

Report Form

Dog Fouling continues to blight the village and the Parish Council encourages all dog owners to act responsibly and clean up after their four legged friends. 


In conjunction with Mendip District Council Enforcement an Incident Report Form has been generated.  The form is available at the bottom of this page for downloading.  In order for a complaint to be logged with Mendip District Council Enforcement Office, all of the information must be completed.  You must be prepared to make a written witness statement although your details will not be disclosed.  However, you must be prepared to give evidence in Court if the matter is disputed.   Without the statement no action can be pursued.

This will enable the enforcement team to follow protocol by sending out warning letters to offenders making them aware that if the issue is not addressed and they are reported again then they will run the risk of receiving a Community Protection Notice being issued.  A CPN could result in a Fixed Penalty Notice (£100 fine) or a prosecution for breach.  Breach is a criminal offence, which could receive a fine of between £2500 and £20000 for bodies.


Coleford Parish Council encourages the public NOT to put themselves in danger when dealing with any Dog offences or whilst gaining intelligence in order to complete the form.


The form can be sent direct to Ian Glover, Mendip Enforcement Officer using email his telephone number is 01749 341 532 or to the Parish Clerk at on 07971 516916.

Why not take your kids to the BMX track?

Calling all Parents!


Why not join your children on a trip to the village BMX Pump Track


Let them show you their skills


Witness their strenghts


Watch their confidence grow as they persevere to acheive


It's good physical fun


See them bond with like-minded children



Your Children will benefit from you being there:


To support


To encourage


To make it a safer place for children to play


And its all for free on your doorstep!


Coleford Parish Council meets on the second Wednesday of every month in the Meeting Room at The Hub, Church Street, Coleford. The only exception to this is in December when the meeting is held on the first Wednesday of the month. 

Visitors are welcome and are able to speak during the first fifteen minutes of the meeting from 7.00 pm to 7.15 pm

Please click on the following link to see the meeting dates: 


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