The Parish Plan for Coleford was completed in 2009, after over two years of work.


The benefit of the Plan is that many of the needs of the Parish have been identified, enabling a list of aims and projects to be drawn up. This is an evolving document, and some of the needs are already being, or have been addressed, including:


·          Change to the shops in the village

·          The construction of 28 Affordable houses at Mackintosh View in 2015. 

·          New litter bins continue to be erected in the village, plus dog waste bins

·          The Hub is being improved as Community building


The Plan is recognised by Mendip District Council and adopted by the Parish Council as a document to be used and updated when required.


It will give the village the mandate to prove there is a particular 'need' and therefore provides tremendous support to any groups requesting funding to address a project highlighted within the document.


The overall aim is to enhance Coleford as a place to live, to create an environment where individuals and business can prosper, to support and encourage communities and individuals to improve their quality of life and to enjoyment.


When the Parish Council decides to update the Parish Plan it may use powers made available by the Localism Act 2011, to produce a Neighbourhood Plan.  Neighbourhood Plans are formally adopted and carry more weight than our current Village Plan, for example they can set out areas preferred for development and areas preferred for conservation.  However, a Neighbourhood Plan would be more costly and time-consuming, because there would have to be widespread consultation, a public hearing and a referendum on the proposals.  Therefore the Parish Council has to assess when it might be most useful to commence work on a Neighbourhood Plan.




Phil Ham


Coleford Parish Council

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