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Coleford Play Areas


The Parish Council has put together guidance for users of Coleford play equipment & green spaces, which we hope will keep everyone safe.

  1.     Parents/carers must read and follow this guidance, for the safety of children and others.

  2.     Play Equipment is NOT sanitised.

  3.     Equipment is checked regularly for damage and wear and tear.

  4.     The Play Equipment is shared.

  5.      Do not use this equipment if you have coronavirus symptoms, or anyone in your household has symptoms, or you are self-isolating.

  6.     You or Children in your care are advised not to use this equipment if you are clinically or extremely clinically vulnerable.

  7.     Make sure you have hand sanitiser with you and wash your hands frequently

  8.     Wash your hands before and after using any equipment, with hand sanitiser.

  9.     We advise you wipe this equipment down before and after use, with anti-bac wipes.

  10.     Avoid touching your face.

  11.     Do not let children put their mouths on the equipment

  12.     You MUST stay at a safe distance from others (unless from the same household) we advise you stay 2 metres apart.

  13.     Groups should not exceed 6 people unless from the same household and must socially distance.

  14.     We recommend that parents/carers/guardians wear face masks

  15.     Equipment can only be used by one person at a time.

  16.     Wait at a safe distance if the equipment is in use or return later

  17.     Do not consume food or drink in this area.

  18.     Try to avoid busy times.

  19.     Please dispose of ALL litter (including any PPE) in bins provided. If the bins are full, take it home with you – PLEASE DO NOT LITTER.

  20.     Remember to wash your hands when you get home.

  21.     If you or a member of your household becomes ill following a visit to this site, please contact the Council at so that they can consider the possibility of temporarily closing the facility due to a localised outbreak.  Please also contact the NHS 111 coronavirus online service.


Thank you for helping us keep you and other park users safe.

If you have any questions relating to this, please contact the Clerk, Vickie Watts on 07971 516916 or email 

We are incredibly lucky to have four play areas within the Parish.  They are located at Goodeaves, Roman Way, the bottom of Church Street (known at Coleford play area) and at the main Highbury recreation ground, which includes the BMX pump track. 


Each week an inspection is undertaken to ensure that the equipment meets a safe standard.  If you notice anything that you believe poses a risk, then please contact the Clerk, Vickie Watts on 07971 516916 or email 

Coleford’s play areas are safe places for children.  But we know from things that have happened in other safe, friendly places that there is a small chance that someone who wants to harm children may pay a visit.  So the Parish Council feels the need to remind everyone to be alert, report any suspicious behaviour, and, if you can, go with your kids to the play area.  Thank you and keep safe.